Life Sciences

Life Sciences

In today's environment, technology plays a key role in the ability to deliver better patient outcomes. For providers, the challenge lies in assessing and restructuring processes to allow technology to optimally serve that role at every level — from R&D to sales and marketing.

At ZenFocus, our experts understand the ever-evolving demands of life science professionals and what solutions can help them rise to the challenge.


A critical part of delivering better patient outcomes is improving your Human Resource capabilities. Today, many life sciences companies are moving beyond the traditional contact center and building patient service operation centers that are staffed around the clock with a dedicated team that can handle emergencies, such as someone losing their medication supply, and stay in close contact with patients, helping to navigate side effects of new medications and gathering feedback that may be useful for refining different products.

ZenFocus has helped many life sciences companies improve their human resource operations , including technical support and complaint handling capabilities, by implementing SuccessFactors HCM Cloud. Going beyond the traditional realm of HCM, we've helped industry leaders implement custom study and patient management systems to better track drug trials and usage.


In addition to gaining better insight into patient needs and behaviors to provide better services, life sciences companies must also make accessing these services easier for patients and physicians. Today, people expect to be able to pick from a number of service options, and ZenFocus has the expertise to make this multi-channel service possible for life sciences companies.

We've worked with numerous organizations to implement Sourcing and Procurement that allow suppliers to interact with the company and each other through any medium. This is based on ARIBA and provide better, more comprehensive Upstream and Downstream Procurement solutions at a lower cost.