Performance & Goals

SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Performance Management: Create an aligned, high-performing workforce.

SuccessFactors Performance & Goals equips you with the in-depth employee performance information you need to retain, reward, and develop your best people. Its innovative capabilities and intuitive user experience ensure aligned, clear goals and accurate, objective talent assessments.

  • Align goals: Employees and managers can align individual goals with company business objectives.
  • Deliver relevant formal reviews: Easy, engaging focal reviews and 360-degree assessments expand performance insight and improve employee engagement and retention.
  • Calibrate performance: Intuitive, visual employee comparisons ensure objective and fact-based assessment decisions.
  • Support managers: Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor help managers provide more meaningful feedback and coaching.
  • Identify top talent: Compare and rate employees across the same dimensions to identify high performers and potential future leaders.
  • Communicate continuously: With SuccessFactors Mobile Touchbase, you can easily track issues and accelerate work on top-priority projects.