Payables Management

Collaborative Payables Management

Cut the costs and risks plaguing your invoice and payment processing. Go paperless, automate, and collaborate over the Ariba Network.

Speed Up Processing and Drive Compliance

You can manage accounts payable with real efficiency and effectiveness only when you minimize the manual, error-prone processing of paper invoices and checks. With payables management solutions from Ariba you can exchange documents quickly and electronically, seamlessly collaborating with your suppliers over the Ariba Network. That's the world's largest business network; more than 1.7 million suppliers strong and growing.

With Ariba's cloud-based, collaborative payables management solutions, companies like yours are completing and simplifying the procure-to-pay cycle by...

  • reducing invoicing processing costs up to 70 percent
  • implementing automated workflows to ensure compliance
  • collectively capturing millions in early-payment discounts to help optimize working capital
  • saving time and money by sending their suppliers rich remittance advice in advance of electronic payments

To do the same for your accounts payable processes, explore these solutions for collaborative payables management:

Invoice Management

Capture and digitize 100 percent of your invoices for touchless processing, automated exception handling, and stronger compliance—procedural, contractual, and legal, as well as the intricacies of VAT/tax compliance.


Now you can provide your suppliers with rich and timely remittance advice about each electronic payment—before the payment is received.

Discount Management

Work with your suppliers to fully automate the negotiation and acceptance of early-payment discounts in a mutually beneficial way that optimizes both your DPO and their DSO.

Contract Management

Rid yourself of the paper and ink and you can automate, standardize, and speed up the entire contract lifecycle. Manage any type of agreement for greater productivity and compliance.


Provide your users with consumer-like tools (think that help them find the goods and services they need, from the suppliers you want them to use, and at your company's preferred prices.

Supplier Management

Keep supplier information updated and accurate, managing all of your data on a single, web-based platform. You'll find it far easier to monitor supplier performance, assess compliance, and manage supply risk.