Discount Management

Discount Management and Dynamic Discounting

Now you can optimize your cash and earn healthier returns at the same time.

Collaborate with More Suppliers than Ever Before on the Ariba Network

If your payment management strategy is putting stress on your suppliers, try collaborating with them on discount management strategies instead. Not only can you boost your supplier's liquidity, you can also earn far greater returns than short-term cash investments provide.

With Ariba Discount Professional, working in conjunction with Ariba Invoice Management, you and the suppliers you choose use on-demand tools for automating the early-payment discounting process, from initial offer through final capture. It all transpires over the Ariba Network, the world's largest trading partner community. If a supplier isn't already on it, it's easy to enable them. Then you'll be fully equipped to …

  • Manage payables and cash with greater precision, control, and visibility
  • Expand discount capture across targeted suppliers, spend, and invoices
  • Enforce pre-negotiated contract and discount terms
  • Employ such tools as prorated and dynamic discounting

All the Flexibility and Control You Need

Better Cash Returns

Capturing discounts can deliver better returns than playing float. For example, consistent use of 2/10 net 30 terms pays an APR of 36.5 percent.

"Set It and Forget It"

With one option, you set your preferred discounting parameters once. Upon invoice approval, automation takes over to capture pre-determined discounts.

Time and Cost Savings

Eliminate slow and costly processes and accelerate the cash conversion cycle. Minimize supplier inquiry calls with automated notifications of discount offers and approvals.

Adoption Assistance

Ariba's solution experts can help drive adoption within your organization and among your supplier base.

Under Your Control

You set business rules that initiate and approve payments only when you're assured discount capture will deliver your required internal rate of return.

Discounting Flexibility

Set prorated discount terms that capture discounts after the due date on a sliding scale. Or use dynamic discounting, and define how suppliers can initiate payments as needed.

Supplier Satisfaction

Web-based tools equip suppliers to collaborate with you on payment timing, while an easy-to-understand dashboard keeps them apprised of payment status.

Strategic On-Boarding

We can help you organize, categorize, and target your suppliers for participation based on their predisposition to discounting.