Invoice Management

Invoice Management

Process 100 percent of your invoices digitally to save time, cut costs, and ensure compliance.

Your Objective: Go Touchless

The more paper you have to handle, the more your invoice management processes are rife with costs, errors, and exceptions. On top of that, there's the time and resources you spend fielding supplier calls and handling invoice disputes.

But engage in electronic invoicing with your suppliers over the Ariba Network, and watch unnecessary costs and errors evaporate. Because only Ariba provides smart invoicing, which automatically matches and validates your invoices to detect and fix errors before they get to you. Neither OCR scanning nor electronic invoicing through EDI can do that.

What's more, by collaborating over the Ariba Network, suppliers don't need your help to look into payment status. As one customer put it, "You would be surprised at how many calls actually go away."

Do It with Ariba's 3-Pronged Invoice Management Strategy

  • Capture: Scan paper invoices with Ariba Invoice Conversion Service to process them in a single, touchless stream with the electronic invoices you receive. (We'll also help you convert high-paper-volume suppliers to e-invoicing to cut your costs further.)
  • Comply: Review and approve invoices and manage exceptions with Ariba Invoice Professional, a workflow solution pre-configured with best practices and advanced matching capabilities ensure compliance—procedural, contractual, and legal, as well as the intricacies of VAT/tax.
  • Settle: Pay your suppliers more efficiently and effectively while collaborating on early-payment discounts.

Electronic Invoicing through Ariba Delivers

Faster Invoice Cycles

Rid yourself of errors, exceptions, and payment-status calls and you can cut cycle time from an industry average of 23 days to five days or less.

Easy Enablement

Many of your suppliers are probably already enabled on the Ariba Network. The rest can be enabled for electronic invoicing using automated tools or by tapping Ariba's expertise.

Lower Supply Risk

Automation, visibility, and collaboration can reduce suppliers' DSO by five days or more, boosting their liquidity and reducing your supply risk.

Line-Item & Level Matching

Standard scanning and OCR solutions extract only invoice data at the header level. Ariba extracts data at the line level, with close to 100 percent data accuracy.

Lower Costs

Eliminate not only in-house scanning, OCR software, mail room, and storage costs, but also 70 percent or more of related processing costs.

Real-time Visibility

With online dashboards, both buyers and sellers have visibility into approvals, discount opportunities, payments, rejected orders, and more.

Greater Productivity

With paper, most companies process about 11,000 invoices per full-time AP employee. With Ariba, you can see that number jump to more than 45,000.

Global Invoicing & Compliance

The countries in which Ariba supports VAT compliance requirements comprise more than 90 percent of the world's GDP.