Ariba Spot Quote

Ariba Spot Quote

Imagine the time and money you can save by automating your tactical sourcing process and boosting competition for all that business.

It's Time to Get Strategic about Tactical Sourcing

As much as 43 percent of your company's indirect spend may involve tactical sourcing, so you'd think clear and consistent policies and procedures would be in place to guide you in your work. But we're talking about one-time or rush orders involving relatively low spend amounts, in categories that don't get a lot of attention. So those policies are sketchy, and you haven't the time, leverage, or tools you need to find the best sources, negotiate the best prices, and make sure you're complying with company buying policies.

Enter Ariba Spot Quote, now here to automate your tactical sourcing process and do everything you haven't the resources to do. Here's how:

  • Let's say someone in the company can't find something they need in your catalogs.
  • A purchase request shows up in your ERP system, and an RFQ is generated.
  • Ariba Spot Quote then automatically builds and publishes the event in Ariba Sourcing.
  • It handles supplier discovery (if needed), and shepherds the process through bidding and award.
  • The winning supplier/purchase information is submitted to your ERP as a PO or bid award.

And all this can happen with little-to-no action on your part. Well, except for telling the boss about all the time and money you're saving the company.

Here's Your Opportunity to Drive Savings and Efficiency

Fast ROI

With out-of-the-box configuration of templates and integration adapters, implementation is simple and training needs are minimal. And that speeds up your ROI.

Significant Cost Savings

Actively sourcing tactical spend can lead to cost reductions of 2 percent to 5 percent, and automating and optimizing your process can make it a lot easier to do so.*

Easy Supplier Discovery

Instead of worrying that you don't have time to find the right suppliers, you can let Ariba Discovery match your needs with qualified suppliers from around the globe.

Help on Hand

If a participating supplier or your sourcing admin staff needs a helping hand during an event, they'll have some bundled customer support services to rely on.

Integration in a Snap

You get not only robust, out-of-the-box integration with SAP ERP and Oracle E-Business Suite, but also SAP integration that is modification-free and release-independent.

Flexible Invitation List

You can invite a specific supplier or group of suppliers to the event, or open it up to have Ariba Discovery find additional sources to increase your potential for savings.

A Diverse Supply Base

Ariba has more than 50,000 green and diverse suppliers already on the Ariba Network, so onboarding them when they match your needs is a breeze.

More Time to Be Strategic

Think about all the time you spend gathering spot quotes. Now think about what you'll do with that time when Ariba Spot Quote handles it for you.