Enterprise Asset Management

Maximo EAM

Maximo EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is a computerized asset maintenance system that provides asset management, work management, materials management, and purchasing capabilities to help companies to maximize their productivity and extend the life of their revenue-generating assets.

Maximo EAM stores and maintains data about company's assets, facilities, and inventory. You can use this information to help you schedule maintenance work, track asset status, manage inventory and resources, and analyze costs.

Maximo EAM provides insight for all of your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control.

Maximo® Asset Management unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management on a single platform. This asset management software provides insight for all of your enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, for better planning and control.

  • Manages asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, calibration, costing and tracking from a single system
  • Provides enterprise asset management software for long and short-term planning, preventive, reactive and condition-based maintenance, schedule management, resource optimization and key performance indicators
  • Plans inventory to meet maintenance demand, making the right parts available at the right location when needed
  • Manages vendor contracts with comprehensive support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, rate, master, blanket and user-defined contracts
  • Aligns service levels with business objectives by defining service offerings and establishing service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Adapts to changing business requirements and connects with other enterprise systems through a flexible business process configuration platform and scalable service oriented architecture.
  • IBM Maximo® is a registered trademark of IBM Inc. ZenFocus is a Channel and Authorized Training Provider with IBM. and an authorized reseller of IBM Maximo® Enterprise Suite (MXES) software and services.

The current release, IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5, is the third release built upon a J2EE Service Oriented Architecture. It is an Enterprise Asset Management, Service Management and IT asset management suite of applications that are scalable and easily integrated into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Maximo EAM is also the basis of Tivoli Process Automation Engine, which is the central part of Tivoli Service Automation Manager.