The Design stage is where the final business solution takes shape and progresses through levels of testing until the system is ready for go live.


Once the Confirmation of Requirements is signed off at the end of the previous stage, the final configuration of the system can be completed to the agreed and documented blueprint. This will be carried out by the implementation team and system tested before it is handed over for acceptance testing.


User Acceptance Testing is the one step in the project life cycle where we step back and let the client take ownership. A complete and structured user acceptance test, following test scripts which form a comprehensive testing plan is the only way to ensure the whole solution fully meets all the business requirements. That is why our project manager will have run workshops earlier in the project to explain how to run an effective UAT process. Our implementation team provides all the necessary support through this step, fixing issues and providing user training for the test team.


Before embarking on the final cutover and go live activities, all end users must be trained properly on the use of the software. This is often done jointly by us and the client's project team in a 'train the trainer' approach, but we can also provide comprehensive training programmes for all users if required. Whichever type of training approach is needed, this will have been planned ahead during the design stage of the project.