The Implementation stage manages the transition of the solution into the production environment. However, we recognize that the project does not end there and ensure that all the necessary steps are in place to pass the system fully into a 'business as usual' state, while also planning for a long term future.

Go live

The Go Live is not one single activity, or even a single day or even week of effort. We recognise that for most significant business systems, a well planned and executed go live often extends over at least a month, with many coordinated activities to complete. The Go Live process is governed by a cutover plan which explains clearly every action which is required in order and who is responsible for it.

Support handover

Just as a comprehensive handover process is required from sales to projects for the transition from Evaluation into the Planning stage, an equally thorough process is necessary to ensure our support department can take on the day-to-day service aspect of running the new system. At the heart of this process is the Confirmation of Requirements, which in its third version reflects how the system has been configured in the production environment. Further documentation fills out the support handover pack covering environmental and technical setup details

Project closure

All effective projects have a beginning, a middle and most importantly, an end. This is surprisingly often forgotten as final issues are dealt with and change requests start being discussed. We work hard through our project managers to ensure that our projects are effectively completed to an agreed baseline and signed off so that both we and the client have a shared clarity on what has been achieved. We also recognize that an open and transparent review process can help all stakeholders learn effective lessons from the experience and start to plan for 'phase 2' as ideas on how to improve the solution further emerge.