The Planning stage is the most critical part of the implementation lifecycle. Getting things right at this stage is essential to ensuring the scope of the solution agreed up to this point is adhered to and the project teams on both sides are aligned with shared objectives. Fixing things during this stage is also many times less expensive that fixing them later so investing real effort and focus with the right people if always worth it.


This step in the process is all about initating the project delivery as effectively as possible. The ZenFocus project manager will run a structured project kick-off and establish with you all the necessary management processes, documentation and controls to run the rest of the project. Our technical consultants will install the sofware and ensure it is performing correctly and the lead consultant will begin to develop the initial build of the solution for the next stage .

Solutions workshops

Our software solutions lend themselves well to a rapid initial build of the overall solution. This enables us to facilitate a series of workshops with you to drive out the final details of the solution and associated requirements. Depending on the level of detail reached in the 'Evalulate' stage and the scale of the project, this step may require one or more iterations, especially if customised workflows and processes are required beyond the standard features of the software.

Confirmation of requirements

Underpinning this whole stage - and indeed the rest of the project - is the Confirmation of Requirements. This is the formal document which articulates the shared understanding of the software solution, both in terms of the business requirements which are to be met and the way the solution will deliver them. The Confirmation of Requirements document passes through a number of major versions throughout the project lifecycle, providing a greater level of detail at each stage. Through this stage of the project lifecycle, the Confirmation of Requirements passes through to version 2, which, when signed-off, signifies all the details have been captured for final configuration.