The project team

The project team

A successful project can only be delivered by an effective and well organized team. At ZenFocus, we have identified the key roles which are required throughout the implementation lifecycle and ensure that every ZenFocus employee scheduled to work on a project understands what their roles and responsibilities are.

Project Manager

The project manager has the ultimate responsibility for the delivery of a successful project. As the primary day-to-day contact between ZenFocus and the client, the project manager is responsible for the project plan, ensuring that consultants are delivering to the plan, communicating regularly with the client project manager and managing budget, timescales and scope.

Solution Architect

For projects of a greater complexity, the role of solution architect is sometimes required. This is a single person who is responsible for the 'vision' of what the system should deliver to the business. The solution architect is often involved in running a scoping exercise, either as part of a 'pre-contract' phase or early in the project to achieve a jointly agreed confirmation of requirements and solution design. From that point on, they should support the project manager and lead consultant in ensuring that the subsequent implementation remains consistent to this vision and the overall objectives of the project.

Lead Consultant

The lead consultant has the primary responsibility for delivering the system solution. Depending on the scale of the project, they may also be the 'solution architect' as they will always have an understanding of the whole solution being delivered and will be responsible for delivering the majority of it. The lead consultant will generally take on the responsibility for running key workshops during the project to confirm detailed design decisions and achieve sign-off on key milestones.


Depending on the scale and complexity of the project, a number of additional consultants may be required to deliver specific areas of the solution or to work on particular products. Consultants stay in close contact with the lead consultant and project manager on each day they deliver to ensure the required work is completed.

Technical Consultant

To ensure that our implementation consultants focus all their time on delivering the best business solution, we've created a team of technical consultants to focus on the software installation within your technical infrastructure. Their job is to ensure that all the applications you've invested in are working correctly in your environment before the implementation consultants start work. This team can also be employed to review and optimise your infrastructure's performance.